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“Sacramento is ‘Finally Famous‘”. Big Sean came thru the Cap City and put on! We also had the Rej3ctz doing their “Cat Daddy“, and we also were treated to performances from C Plus, Torrey Tee, Floe Montana and Lady Remedy plus many more. I have to give mad respect to out local representatives because they came out and did their thing in front of a angry, impatient crowd. Also big #ShoutOut to the homies from Royaltee Radio Reina & Kayla getting their hustle on slangin’ the “I HELLA LOVE CALI” tees and one even made an appearance in the show. Good shit… NOW WATCH THE VIDEO!!!


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Coming from the south side of Sacramento, CA is Reela B.,. This 20 year old artist is in the pursuit of his dreams and is on his way to changing the scene of the Sacramento hip hop community with the help of his company, Takeflyht. In October, 2010, Takeflyht released Reela’s tribute to the legendary Hip-Hop producer J Dilla titled The Reela-Dilla.

Look out for Reela in upcoming projects from Sacramento artist’s such as Yae (of Fly High or Die) and Rufio (of Live @ The Dojo), The Reela-Dilla is available for free download at . Check for once-a-week drops from Takeflyht Inc. & follow Reela at


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A short sample of more to come from REDroom Ent. This is a beat I made this morning featuring samples from “home sweet home” by motley crue

Bueno – “Fresh”

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I just seen this video on twitter and I thought it was such a good video I decided to make a post about it haha. This new video “Fresh” by Bueno filmed by Jae Synth on Venice Beach is a perfect example of what kind of talent comes out of #NorthCali!


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Since it is Sunday, it is only right for me to spotlight the gospel rap genre. When it comes to publicity for hip hop soldiers for the Lord, there almost is none, this genre flys pretty low below the radar. I was just doing a google search for #NorthCali gospel rap artists and it brought me to the REVERBNATION page for Royal Family1p29.

Brotha Ruff’s hardcore style with the bass pounding beat intrigues you to stay and listen to what he has to say or at least nod your head uncontrollably. This genre has been pretty controversal since it is not the traditional gospel hymn, and the rap genre itself is very edgy and I think that scares away the traditional gospel crowd.  Take a listen there is a really good message in the music. Comment and check out the links and check out more music from the Royal Family1p29